Human Again Dystopian sci-fi novel

Book description:

What would you do if you wake up in the future and be asked to join a war?

Roy, an Israeli soldier awakens after being cryo-frozen for 300 years. He finds himself in an underground shelter-city that protects him from the unbearable climate above. He’s alone and has no idea why he was defrosted and what happened.

Now, he’ll have to find his place in the city – his haven and prison, while fighting off an invasion attempt by a vicious radical group.




Why I wrote this book?

Because I have never wrote a novel before.

Because I didn’t know if could do it, and I had to prove myself I can.

Because I just have to write.

Because you can’t live in Israel without it affecting you in the creative process.

Because I had to digest and let go of the last ten years of my life.

Because I want to reach out to people.

Because I have something to say about this world and these times before it’s too late.

Because the future of Israel and the world scares me.