Human Again – Free Kindle Book on June 22-23

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Human Again: Cryonemesis book 1 – is launched

What would you do if you wake up in the future and be asked to join a war?

How to create writing routine that sticks

If you are looking to write a novel or a screenplay, the only way to finish your tasks is to create a routine that is both comfortable and sustainable. Without a steady writing routine, you can’t accomplish your goal and improve your writing skills.

Should You Write Using First or Third Person POV?

Choosing between first person pov or third person pov can greatly impact your novel, so what shall it be then? I chose this topic for today’s post because I’m currently in a middle of a deep and sweaty debate with myself. I started writing my novel using a third person narrative. I studied screenwriting so it…read more

3 secrets of writing longhand

George R.R. Martin is doing it, also Danielle steel, Quentin Tarantino, Neil Gaiman, Amy Tan and more published authors are doing it longhand. The main reasons for writing longhand are easier to agree with: It’s less “cold” than sitting in front of a computer It removes distractions like emails, social media and cat videos It…read more

Short Stories Ebook by Moran Chaim – Coming Soon

I’d love to hear your opinion on this cover.

What To Do When You’re Not Writing

  It’s passed the holiday season in Israel, where I live. I had lots of vacation days and lots of free time. Did I use it to produce more quality writing? Did I continue to write my novel? Not quite.

7 life lessons I learned from screenwriting

Warning: I do not encourage you to over analyze your day to day life or you relationships. I already tried it, it’s counterproductive and dangerous.

3 Good Reasons to Read Your Writing Out Loud – Guest Post

Reading your writing out loud might feel awkward at first, but trust me, it works because stories were born to be told. All about the reasons for Reading Your Writing Out Loud at =>Theprocrastiwriter Blog Many thanks to Shanan of for hosting my guest post on her blog.

The Benefits Of Meditation For Writing

I didn’t think meditation will have this effect on my writing until I felt the results myself. This should be an easy post for me to write because I’ve been meditating daily for the past two years. I can talk long about the benefits of meditation itself but the tough task is to show you…read more

Embodying Your Character’s Emotions

It is often that you sit to write an emotional scene or a description but you just can’t nail it right. The tone and style don’t come out as you wish they were and they fail to raise the specific emotion you designed them for. This happens mainly because you are not in the specific…read more

Building Confidence As A Writer

Do you believe that 1+1=2? No, you don’t have to believe that because you just know it. You saw it happen so many times in your childhood that this became a part of reality. What about believing in true love or god? When you’re a child your parents or society might tell you that those…read more

Overcoming The Fear Of Writing

Fear of writing can be divided into two groups. The paralyzing fear you have before you even start to write while your mind is telling you: I’m boring, I’m not original, nobody will like it, It is pointless, I have nothing to write, I can’t write, I suck  as a writer. The second destructive force…read more