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The Benefits Of Meditation For Writing

I didn’t think meditation will have this effect on my writing until I felt the results myself. This should be an easy post for me to write because I’ve been meditating daily for the past two years. I can talk long about the benefits of meditation itself but the tough task is to show you…read more

Should You Give Up A Writing Project – Test Your Self Quiz

No one likes to give up, no one likes to let go of something precious, but then life happens and you need to make a choice. There comes a time when you just want to ditch the novel or screenplay you’ve been working on for two years because you just can’t make it work.

Struggling Artist Demythified

When you secretly ask people about their life’s regret they might say “I wish I had followed my heart”, Or “I wish I didn’t give up on being a writer”, Or maybe “I wish I had left it all behind to become an artist”. Well that is certainly not the case for me. Here’s why.