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Outlining Might Not Be The Only Way To Begin Your Writing Process

We have been creating linear stories in a linear way of thinking. From an idea to a tag line, a short synopsis, an outline, a scene list, a long synopsis or a treatment and to a first draft, Without mentioning story-world descriptions or character pages. I must admit that unlike author Danica Cornell’s blog post…read more

Doing An Inner Research Before Creating Characters

We all want to write good stories that will capture a large audience and survive decades after entering literature’s hall of fame. Most of the task relays upon creating compelling characters. How do we start to write with that kind of pressure and expectation from ourselves?

Embodying Your Character’s Emotions

It is often that you sit to write an emotional scene or a description but you just can’t nail it right. The tone and style don’t come out as you wish they were and they fail to raise the specific emotion you designed them for. This happens mainly because you are not in the specific…read more