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How to create writing routine that sticks

If you are looking to write a novel or a screenplay, the only way to finish your tasks is to create a routine that is both comfortable and sustainable. Without a steady writing routine, you can’t accomplish your goal and improve your writing skills.

The Benefits Of Meditation For Writing

I didn’t think meditation will have this effect on my writing until I felt the results myself. This should be an easy post for me to write because I’ve been meditating daily for the past two years. I can talk long about the benefits of meditation itself but the tough task is to show you…read more

Writing Is Like Taking Care Of Your Dog

If you find it difficult to maintain a write-life balance this post might help. I was walking through my neighborhood last night, thinking about my blog and what posts would fit in it. As I was walking I came across people who were walking their dogs like people usually do after working hours. This got…read more