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After I’m done with this post I’ll go writing. This is not a metaphor; I take it upon myself to physically go to my place of writing. Let it be a café, a park bench, the beach or an office. There’s a benefit to taking yourself from the convenience and familiarity of your home and going on a little journey.

Writing can be a struggle, there are some days where you barely write anything but a line, some days just go by so fast and you end up realizing it is 4PM and you hadn’t eaten lunch still.

I talked about embodying your character’s emotion while writing a scene but our current topic is addressing the issue with a broader scale.

Just like your characters you try to make each day matter in your (hero’s) journey towards finishing the draft, finishing the editorial session, publishing your book or nailing a production package with a movie studio.

In order for something to really more inside your head you need to move as well.

I won’t go into the whole body-mind connection that wholistic (pun intended) psychology and eastern psychology talk about. I just want to point out two main benefits that will make this practice helpful to you.

While walking to your writer’s nest you come across sites, people, animals, smells, sounds and sights. These stimulate your senses and enrich you atmosphere and world building techniques for writing. These mundane elements create feelings and thoughts that you can be later using in your story. You might remember a certain feeling and put in to a character’s dialog. You might see a beautiful moment and emulate it into your story as well.

When you start writing your head is going to be full of images, words and ideas you can use in order to make your characters and story-world feel richer and more vivid.

The second physical benefit of walking or cycling to your writer’s spot is the way your blood flow, oxygen levels and hormones will change. Don’t just sit in your car and shut off the world around you while letting the wheels do the journey for you. Think about the benefits of physical exercise in a smaller scale.

Your blood will flow faster, moving more oxygen to your brain and you brain will produce Endorphins that will make you calm and happy. This cycle will increase you ability to concentrate and stay focused while writing, and just generally feel.

Walk, jog, run, cycle or ride a horse, I don’t care how you start you writing day but just let the world immerse inside you with a little physical activity. If you write at home go around the block for 10 minutes before you start.

And most importantly, tell me if this routine helps you. It helps me every time I write. So if you’ll excuse me, I better go do some writing now.

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Sakshi Raina

I completely agree with this post. As someone who writes myself, I already use these techniques and I can say that it surely do helps.


Hey Moran,

YES! Exercising absolutely works when working on your writing.
Whenever I hit a rut working at home, I always pack up my laptop, throw it in my backpack, and then go for a bike ride out to a coffee shop several miles away, and suddenly my inspiration comes back and I can come out of that store with five more pages then when I was at home.
Thank you so much for bringing this to the front of our minds.


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